Lac Soupir offers Carp Fishing like no other. The 3 lake complex, Noah’s, Jack’s and Lake 3, is set in a tranquil environment for an experience you’ll never forget. We pride ourselves with quality and want every moment of your stay to be memorable. Relax on the raised decking and celebrate that fish of a lifetime.

Lac Soupir Terms & Conditions


Lac Soupir COVID Terms & Conditions


We enforce these terms and conditions to ensure the safety are our anglers and the stock of fish. Please download and read them. We want everyone to enjoy the experience of Lac Soupir.

Tight Lines.

The Lakes

Noah's Lake

(Bookings start 12pm Sat until 10am Sat. Minimum 7 days.)

Size - 6 acres

No. of swims - 5

Stocking - approx 80 Carp to 50lb

Price - £350 per angler (7 days)

The Jewel in the Crown. Angling for all types; weed, snags and lily pads, gravel humps and silt, the fish in here are special, dark Mirrors and golden Commons of which you’d expect from an English estate lake. 80 carp from 20lb to 50lb with bigger residents seen. This lake has only been fished by a handful of anglers in the past 48 years so 90% of carp have never been caught so expect pristine fish and hard fights. 5 swims offering different types of fishing and a stalking spot for the roaming angler wanting a challenge. A truly special lake.

Jack's Lake

(Bookings start 12pm Sat until 10am Sat. Minimum 7 days.)

Size - 3 acres

No. of swims - 4

Stocking - approx 80 Carp to 50lb

Price - £350 per angler (7 days)

The Deepest lake on the complex so a great winter lake with lots of features; snags, shelves and overhangs, it has it all. The Carp in here fight hard due to the depth and when you finally net one, it’s likely to be big, with the average weight so far being 34lb. In this lake so far in the past year we have had no repeat captures so surprises for everyone. The lake is beautiful, surrounded by trees and the Carp are plentiful. 80 carp to 50lb and currently holding the complex’s record.

Lake 3

(Bookings start 12pm Sat until 10am Sat. Minimum 7 days.)

Size - 4 acres

No. of swims - 3

Stocking - approx 40/50 fish to 50lb

Price - £350 per angler (7 days)

A stunning 4-acre lake, we believe to be the oldest of the 3 rich in features from shallow plateaux to deep pockets of silt. 40 to 50 dark, hard fighting carp, ranging from 20lb to 50lb, with several bigger fish seen by anglers. Not an easy water, but patience will get you a bite. Surrounded by wild forest and close to facilities, this lake is paradise and the rewards are there!

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Stocking Programme

"Original stock dating back to the 80's"

We started the stocking programme on the second year of purchasing the site. We knew that the fish in these waters where not your normal French stamp of fish. We decided to rear and grow a few extra fish to keep a sustainable level of quality fish for generations to come. As we've watched these fish grow from larvae to fry the growth rates have been explosive.

To see how much they grow in just a few days blows us away. It's truly unbelievable! We are not a fish farm but we do have the same passion and desire to rear top quality original Carp from original stock. We have original stock dating back to the 80's and pride ourselves on keeping the same strain of truly amazing Carp swimming through our waters.


We have everything taken care of so you can relax and enjoy your fishing.

We believe that comfort adds to the experience. Our high quality timber toilet and shower block provides everything you may need to make your stay with us memorable. The shower block gives the outdoor feel whilst giving the upmost privacy. Completely solar powered and self sufficient. We pride ourselves in providing clean and well kept facilities.

Lac Soupir Wildlife

"The area is a thing of natural beauty and attracts some stunning wildlife. "